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Plot and Location

Hystar Construction has constructed a number of high quality executive homes including semi-detached dwellings and bungalows. The plot size and location normally dictates the type of dwelling ultimately constructed.


In these examples of a pair of semi-detached cottages and a detached bungalow, care was taken in the design to produce elevations and materials that fit in with the local area. This often includes hand-made tiles, stock bricks and pre-formed arches to produce outstanding designs.


The construction depends upon the soil condition and can be formed using either conventional strip foundations, trench filled foundations, a piled foundation or a reinforced concrete foundation. Above ground is either formed in brick and block work or timber frame construction. The floors are either pre-cast concrete with block in-fills or pre-stressed concrete floors. Windows are sometimes constructed in timber to suit planning conditions or uPVC if this medium is considered suitable for the application.

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