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Plot and Location

Often sites for these developments have been previously located by Housing Associations and in some instances planning permission has been obtained by these Associations. The types of developments range from semi-detached dwellings, sometimes in a bungalow form to suit disabled people, or small flat developments to large flat developments. These developments are sometimes in town centres and sometimes on the outskirts of towns.


Although these are not normally built for sale to the public, nevertheless the same care and attention to detail is maintained. Sometimes the finishes, all perfectly suitable and adequate for the purpose, are to a less demanding standard than speculative or purpose built projects for individuals.


Construction of these properties are similar to the other buildings that Hystar Construction undertake. Although where flat developments are required, normally a quick build timescale is needed and often a totally timber frame construction is therefore adopted to aid this aspect. Although adopting timber framing, the finished structure incorporates normal external materials of either brick and / or tiling. Care with landscaping is always important in these types of developments to ensure that full accessibility is available for the possible housing of any disabled people. Care is taken to ensure compliance with British Standards and Codes of Practice regarding this aspect.


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