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Hystar Construction Ltd were asked to build for Mount Green Housing Association two new bungalows that had been designed specifically for people with physical disabilities and incorporated features the help the residents to live an independent life.

Each home being highly insulated using modern methods of construction throughout the build.

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Recycled wood was used in the construction, for example the supports to the carports were reclaimed telegraph poles and the use of railway sleepers to make raised flower beds. The roofs to these bungalows were of special interest as a living green roof made of Sedum grass was incorporated. This meant that the bungalows would have as much as 30% reduction in heat loss during winter months whilst in summer the bungalows will stay cool.

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Economical and environmentally friendly solutions to meet the heating and lighting requirements of communal areas in Apartment buildings: Hystar Construction Ltd have designed and built new Apartment buildings to utilise Solar Power for the communal areas using Solar Panels discreetly installed on their roofs.

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