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A block of thirteen flats was built for the Surrey Community Development Trust which is an organisation developed to re-house people into the community.

This project was in the centre of Farnham and occupied virtually the whole site. A small area was reserved for a garden feature and a Japanese style garden was produced.

This was a development with a high social aspect and it was officially opened by Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Wessex.

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The Royal Berkshire & Battle Hospital had a requirement for a hydrotherapy pool and Hystar Construction Limited was selected to construct this prestige building. This was the last section of a large and comprehensive development, which had occurred at the hospital. It had been arranged that Her Majesty, The Queen would open the whole facility and this requirement meant that the whole structure from the beginning to the end had to be constructed in an exceedingly short space of time (18 weeks). This was achieved in time for the official Royal opening.

The hydrotherapy pool operates with a relatively high temperature of the water so that people with disabilities or who are recuperating, are able to enjoy the exercises without feeling cold. The temperature of approximately 40ÂșC was therefore adopted for the pool temperature. The design also involved a rapid change of water.

This project was designed and built to blend in with the existing newly erected structures, which involved faced block work under a flat roof with substantial roof lights.

The Queen was impressed by the rapidity with which the structure had been built.

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Hystar Construction was first involved with Tony Tobin back in 2002 when we extended his restaurant “The Dining Room” in Reigate. We have since built an exclusive bar known as “The Living Room” on the top floor of his restaurant where diners can have pre-dinner drinks or after dinner drinks and coffee. Members of the public are also welcome, who wish to have a drink in a quiet and relaxed setting.

Hystar Construction have also carried out the building works and installation of Tony's new family kitchen at his home in Surrey.

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